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A Grand Torchlight Procession May Be Expected…

…in fact the public are privileged to expect whatever they please.


Join Mark Twain on a interactive adventure through the magic and history of Niagara! Enjoy this new free app on your bike, on foot, or in your car. Mark Twain blends wit and wisdom, history and culture as you journey from the Battle of Lundy’s Lane to the burial site at the end of the Underground Railroad.

Narrated by the voice of Mark Twain, this free app is great for families of all ages, or just to enjoy on your own. History is alive in Niagara…be a part of it!

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While Mark Twain Guides your adventure around historic Niagara, the musical accompaniment is performed by Folk favorite “Beethoven’s 10th” with special guest Danielle Marconi on violin!

Click here to listen to our sample music from the GPS tour!


Happy is he who forgets (ignores?) what cannot be changed.
~ Our Famous Guest, Mark Twain in Vienna, Dolmetsch


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