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A Den of Ferocious Beasts…

…will be on exhibition at a nearby zoo.


Twain Werks LLC is a Production Company out of New York City dedicated to bringing the life and fiction of Mark Twain to the big screen, and to a new generation of fans.

Executive Producer Zach Schwartz has gathered an A list team from all over the entertainment community to tell the amazing story of Mark Twain’s first visit to Niagara. With the work of Mark Twain spanning generations and mediums, so too does the work of Twain Werks LLC.

“Mark Twain’s Niagara” is a 96 minute family feature film that will be enjoyed for years to come, which is also adapted into a gorgeous, fully illustrated graphic novel, an interactive experience through an exclusive GPS tour app, and a series of live shows for the stage and schools.


When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.
~ Mark Twain’s Notebook c.1898


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